Aura Compound – CFC | Barrier Gates

Aura Compound – CFC | Barrier Gates

Success Story: Enhancing Security at Aura Compound with Arab Security Group’s Barrier Gate Installation

Project Overview:

Arab Security Group recently executed a pivotal project at the prestigious Aura Compound located in CFC, Cairo, Egypt. The objective was clear: fortify the compound's security infrastructure by installing barrier gates at all entrances and exits, including garage access points.


Aura Compound - CFC, Cairo, Egypt

Scope of Work:

Arab Security Group undertook the comprehensive task of supplying, installing, and commissioning state-of-the-art barrier gates equipped with RFID readers. This meticulous approach aimed to regulate human flow effectively while adhering to stringent public security guidelines.

System Employed:

The implemented system revolves around Magnetic Barrier Gates, renowned for their reliability and performance. Leveraging cutting-edge technology, these gates seamlessly integrate Centurion  RFID readers to bolster security measures.

Brands Utilized:

The project showcased Arab Security Group's commitment to excellence through partnerships with industry-leading brands. Centurion and Magnetic - FAAC Technologies were instrumental in furnishing top-tier components for the barrier gates, ensuring unparalleled functionality and durability.

Overcoming Challenges:

Navigating the intricacies of security requirements and privacy concerns posed a significant challenge. However, Arab Security Group rose to the occasion, leveraging its expertise to tailor solutions that met the compound's unique needs. By designing, supplying, and constructing barrier gates equipped with RFID readers, the team effectively addressed security concerns while upholding the privacy of residents and property owners.

Arab Security Group's successful execution of the barrier gate installation project at Aura Compound stands as a testament to its unwavering dedication to safeguarding communities. Through meticulous planning, strategic partnerships, and innovative solutions, the project not only enhances security but also fosters peace of mind among residents.


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