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About ASG

Arab Security Group is a company specialized in the field of security systems in general, is the number one company in the Middle East in the supply and installation of integrated security systems.

In addition, the company offers the requirements of government agencies to install security systems, for instance the Egyptian Ministry of Interior has selected ASG as the most suitable provider of traffic safety, surveillance, and radar systems solutions throughout Egypt. ASG will be responsible for all aspects of the process, ranging from conducting surveys to providing maintenance and support services.

15 Years Of experience in security systems and multiple branches around Middle east and partners of the world’s largest suppliers of security systems to the Middle East and GCC in particular

Introduction from our CEO

ASG is an innovative company that offers a diversity of security, AI, IOT, Home automations & the latest surveillance solutions working in Egypt and other GCC countries’ markets.

Our main objective is to introduce the latest technology and solutions to our clients in the field of Safety & Security, Low current solution design, supply & installation on a constant basis, while ensuring a service excellence, high standards of safety in a cost-effective manner.

We at ASG have successfully shaped a growing reputation for our enterprise since 2009 with more that 15+ Years of expertise by establishing unrivalled quality, flexibility, and reliability in many fields. Central to this achievement has been our drive to exceed our customers’ expectations & continuous development of our workforce.

Today, as our business grows to shape a new horizon for both our own people and the communities which we serve, we remain committed to our philosophy of delivering turnkey solutions which not only comply with the highest international standards but also empower us in developing mutually beneficial partnership with our customers.

Focusing on the quality and positive customer experience we have developed a policy of the security business that meets the demands of any client.

ASG is renowned for providing tailor-made solutions which helps us meet the flexible needs of our customers, focusing on after-sales customer service which includes providing online and onsite support at any time of the day to our customers. This proves that ASG is committed to its job and works wholeheartedly towards serving our customers.

That’s why ASG has been recognized as a leading company in the field of security surveillance, AI & IOT solutions in the middle east focusing on Egypt, Kuwait & UAE markets.

Eng. Basem Bahaa
Co-Founder and CEO 

Our Experience

Top 5 reasons to choose Arab Security Group

Our Experience

More Secure Than Ever

ASG is one of the first companies to develop security systems in the Arab world while depending on importing the best technology globally every year.

ASG has a distinguished development team working hard to implement and create new solutions for major projects and find the latest innovative technology for the end user, targeting both B2B & B2C markets.

Our Company Values


Customer Oriented

We take customer satisfaction as the driving force for continuous improvement



Integrity is a core value in our blood not only towards our valued customers but also our partners and our internal co-workers



We aim to be a professional partner to our customers, our industry co-workers and internal associates



We keep on investing on the best innovative solutions for a better secured world.


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