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Ensuring Highway Safety: Comprehensive Solutions by Arab Security Group

Highways play a critical role in transportation, connecting cities and facilitating the movement of people and goods. However, ensuring the safety and security of highways is of utmost importance. Arab Security Group understands the unique challenges faced by highways and offers a comprehensive range of solutions tailored specifically to their needs. From advanced CCTV solutions to Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) solutions, we empower highway authorities to create safer and more efficient road networks.

ITS Solutions: Streamlining Highway Operations

Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) solutions are essential for optimizing highway operations and improving traffic management. Arab Security Group offers a range of ITS solutions designed to enhance efficiency and safety on highways. Our solutions include traffic monitoring systems, variable message signs, speed enforcement systems, and incident management systems. By leveraging advanced technologies and data-driven insights, our ITS solutions enable highway authorities to proactively manage traffic, minimize congestion, and enhance overall road safety.

CCTV Solutions: Vigilance on the Road

Arab Security Group provides cutting-edge CCTV solutions designed to enhance surveillance on highways. Our advanced cameras, strategically positioned along the road network, offer high-resolution images and real-time monitoring capabilities. With our CCTV solutions, highway authorities can effectively monitor traffic flow, detect incidents, and respond promptly to emergencies. By capturing critical video evidence, our comprehensive surveillance systems contribute to the safety and security of highways, ensuring a smooth and secure driving experience for all road users

Highways demand comprehensive solutions that address the unique challenges of safety, traffic management, and incident response. Arab Security Group is committed to delivering tailored solutions that empower highway authorities to create safer and more efficient road networks. With our expertise in CCTV solutions and ITS solutions, we help authorities enhance surveillance, optimize operations, and improve the overall driving experience. Trust Arab Security Group as your partner in securing and maximizing the performance of your highways.


  • Harsh outdoor environment, such as dust, rain, snow, etc.
  • High speed; ultra-low illumination and strong car light at night
  • Long distance transmission and network robustness
  • Require unified management and quick emergency response


  • High-quality and all weather adaptable IP camera
  • Low-blur mode, starlight and HLC function help to improve the image quality
  • Utilize reliable and economical RPR/RRPP network solution
  • Unified management at control center with abundant functions
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