K2 Smart Lock

> Multiple Ways to Unlock the Door

> Multi-dimensional Biometric Fingerprint Recognition Technology
> Accurate Recognition, High Security, Anti-counterfeit Identification

> Fingerprint Scanner with Ergonomic Design and Super Wear-Resistant Material
> Perfect Combination of Aesthetics and Ergonomics

> Anti-Peeping Password
> You can add any number before and after the effective password when necessary.

> Wrong-Try Lock-Out
> If incorrect security codes or unregistered fingerprints or card keys are used several times in a row, the system will lock out.

> Tamper Alarm
> The alarm will go off if anyone attempts to damage the lock or forces the door open.

> Lock the Door from the Inside
> Enjoy Peace of Mind While at Home

Door Thickness

  45 to 95mm (customizable)

Password Capacity



  4 x 1.5V (AA) battery
Micro USB (Emergency)

Battery Life

  12 months (10 units/D)

Working Temperature

  -10 to +55℃

Card Capacity


Fingerprint Capacity


Low Battery Warning


Product Standard


Relative Humidity

  10% to 93%