ProMerc-100 is a point-of-sales terminal with facial recognition technology used in cafeteria management. It has dual 11.6’’ touch displays, runs Android OS. It has a well-designed and intuitive interface and supports different consumption patterns, namely, fixed value mode (fixed amount per transaction), commodity mode, amount mode (calculation mode), counting mode, and offline mode.

The system can be connected to the Internet through TCP / IP or WiFi, and can be connected to small ticket printers. The system can be integrated with small programs to realize functions such as recharging and ordering meals.

Through facial recognition and ID/MF card verification, it can automatically and accurately deducts fees and settle accounts, smartly improving dining experience, dining settlement efficiency, and making consumption management more convenient and intelligent.

Model Name ProMerc-100
Standard Functions CPU Cortex-A17
OS Android6.0
Customer Display 11.6’’capacitive touch screen, 1366*768
Camera 2MP
Main Display 11.6’’capacitive touch screen, 1366*768
Ports 2*USB, 1*RJ45, 1*OTG
Communication Mode TCP/IP, Wi-Fi
Face Capacity Standard: 3,000; Optional: 10,000
Card ID, Mifare
Power Supply 12V-5A
Working Environment
Operating Temperature: -10 – 50°C
Storage Temperature: -40 – 80°C
Operating Humidity: <90%
Storage Humidity: 20 – 93%
Dimensions (L*W*H) 290*290*210 to 290*290*264 (mm)