T-B20 / T-B40 / T-B60 Mini Digital Bluetooth Amplifier with MP3

Function Features
* With desktop design, elegant appearance, light weight, and easy to carry.
* It can be used in different sound effect places. This series include 20W, 40W, and 60W,
which can be selected according to room size inquiries.
* Unmatched sound quality, it can connect 4~16Ω output, meanwhile it can connect
100V output, not only can play short distance beautiful music, but also can broadcast
long-distance beautiful voice.
* The output terminal use standard 6.3 audio microphone jack and line input uses
RCA jack, to provide users with different audio input interface options.
* 1 Microphone input with independent volume control.
* 2 audio inputs with independent volume control.
* With function of auto play MP3 and power memory.
* With function of priority, when MIC 1 input, the other audio signal can be disconnected .
* With power indication light, when connect electrical power and turn on switcher, the light turns blue.
* With signal indication light and the light can show different color according to different signal.
* With protection function of short circuit, over load, over temperature.
* With function of MP3 module, readable MP3 files in USB flash disk, SD card.
ClassDateTitleLanguageTypeDownloadDatasheet2019-06-04ASA1222G_ASA1222G-D datasheet_0604Englishpdf Support function of mobile blue tooth.

Product Model T-B40 T-B60 T-B20
Protection Overheating protection, short circuit protection,
Power Consumption 80W 120W 40W
Dimension 284 x 188 x 66.5mm
Weight 3.5Kg 4.2Kg 2.8Kg
Tone Bass: 100Hz±10dB, Treble: 10KHz±10dB
overload protection
Input Power ~220V-240V 50/60Hz
Impedance AUX Input: 350mV, unbalance RCA connector
Input sensitivity& Source MIC Input: +5mV, unbalance 6.3 connector
Priority Function MIC1 input has the priority than other input
T.H.D Rated power output, distortion rate≤1%
SNR ≥75dB
Frequency response 80~16KHz(-3dB)
Rated output power 40W 60W 20W
Speaker output 4~16Ω/100V